Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Health 


The Ministry of Health in Rwanda is the governmental body that works to provide and continually improve the health services of the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty and enhancing of the general well-being of the population.  The MOH in Rwanda is investing in the development and training in the healthcare system, decentralizing the health system, reinforcing evidence based medicine and community participation in the management and financing of services.  One key focus of the MOH in Rwanda is the clinical care of obstetrical emergencies to decrease infant and maternal mortality rates; which is strongly aligned with TSAM. 

National Council of Nurses & Midwives


The National Council of Nurses and Midwives in Rwanda protects the public and the integrity of the nursing and midwifery professions through the regulation of education and practice in collaboration with all stakeholders and the community at large.  The NCNM sets the standards of education and practice to protect the public from harmful or unprofessional practices by ensuring that clients receive care from competent and ethically behaved nurses and midwives. The vision of the council is to create an environment where nursing and midwifery practice in Rwanda will be the safest and of the highest quality in the region and beyond.

Obstetrical & Gynecological Association

Association governing the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in Rwanda to ensure the integrity and high practicing standards of the profession.

Rwanda Association of Midwives


The vision of the Rwanda Association of Midwives (RAM) is that midwifery becomes a core and basic service in all health facilities with maternal and newborn health services and that a midwife’s care is easily accessible to all Rwandans. The mission of RAM is to provide leadership and advocacy for midwifery and promote the socio-economic wellbeing of its member. RAM represents the ‘voice’ of the profession at the decision making table, especially in legal, regulatory and service decision-making fora. The guiding principles of the RAM strategic directions for 2017–2023 are in alignment with the national guiding documents (such as the Vision 2020, EDPRS II and HSSPIII), WHO and UNFPA global midwifery strategic plan as well ICM mission.

Rwandan Society of Anesthesiologists


Anaesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the total care of the patient before, during and after surgery. Anaesthesiologists are also experts in resuscitation, pain management and intensive care.

With a network of hundreds of thousands of anaesthesiologists in over 150 countries WFSA facilitates learning and promotes the highest standards of patient care around the world.

Rwanda Medical & Dental Council



The Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) is a professional, administrative and jurisdictional body that defends and oversees the medical profession.  The RMDC safeguards the moral values of the medical and dental professions, defines the standards of training and advices health policies concerning medical and dental practice.  The mission of the RMDC is encourage access to the professions across the country, so that the entire population has access to quality health care services; where the medical profession excels and reinforces its dignity by continuous progress.

Pediatric Association


The Rwandan Pediatric Association (RPA) ensures that child health remains at the forefront of the national health agenda, and that the quality of paediatric health services provided to children under 18 is of the highest international standard.  The RPA endeavors to advance child health advocacy, research, and continuous professional capacity development, in collaboration with other bodies in Rwanda, the region and beyond in addition to serving as an effective voice for its members.

Districts and Hospitals

Northern Province


Ruli Hospital
Nemba Hospital


Kinihira Hospital
Rutongo Hospital


Byumba Hospital


Southern Province


Kabgayi Hospital


Ruhango Hospital
Gitwe Hospital


Kibirizi Hospital
Gakoma Hospital

Directors from the district hospitals in the Eastern Province of Rwanda (Byumba, Kinihira, Nemba, Rutongo, Ruli) have all been consulted and are collaborating with the TSAM project to improve MNCH in Rwanda.